2018 Speakers at the Summit

Jane Gallina aka Airplane Jane

Throughout Jane’s trading journey she has tried to share here point of view of the process along the way. It first began with her blog  and then a YouTube Channel  and followed up with the book she wished was out there when she started trading as a stay at home mom of a 6 month old little girl.

She is happy to help inspire, encourage and empower others through her experience to learn to trade or improve on their own trading. The Modern Traders Summit is the next step for her to help individuals in person. The trading world can be lonely behing the computer and it is very inspiring to meet and speak with other seasoned traders who are also passionate about the profession.

Twitter: @jane_yul     Instagram: missairplanejane    Facebook: SugarAirplaneJane     LinkedIn: Jane Gallina

Stefanie Kammerman

Stefanie Kammerman’s vast experience over the past 3 decades in the trade industry has earned her recognition and the nickname The Stock Whisperer (TheStockWhisperer.com). She is recognized for spotting the last ten corrections long before they happened by calling them out on social media. Currently, Ms. Kammerman runs a live online trading room, The Java Pit, where she teaches her traders how to trade stocks, options, futures, forex and cryptocurrency using the Dark Pool prints. Stefanie’s Whisper of the day videos have achieved a documented 90% success rate over the past 4 years. In her brand-new book, “Dark Pool Secrets” she teaches you how she does it along with how the market is manipulated and how to profit off it. She has also developed a Dark Pool app where traders and investors can follow her call outs based on Dark Pool prints from their smart devices.


Residing in New York, Stefanie has become a highly sought-after public speaker and trading coach. She has delivered powerful speeches at countless MoneyShow and Traders expos, and webinars across the country. Stefanie also toured across Canada for 3 years with Larry Berman ETF Capital management (Portfolio manager and Host of Berman’s call BNN TV).

Kunal Desai

Kunal Desai is an American stock trader and CEO of Bulls on Wall Street, an online trading academy. Kunal is known for becoming a wealthy retail trader and growing his multi-million dollar business with his close friends. He is also a cryptocurrency trader and investor where he has capitalized on the new trend of digital currency. He teaches his crypto trading methods at BullsonCryptoStreet.com.

He is an International speaker at trading and entrepreneurship events around the world, been featured in numerous podcasts, and covered in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Fortune, Inc.com and many other major publications. Kunal runs his own hedge fund that gives traders with smaller accounts an opportunity to trade with more capital. He is also an investor and adviser in other businesses.

 Twitter: Kunal00   Facebook: Bulls on Wall Street    Youtube: Bulls on Wall Street

Anka Metcalf

Anka Metcalf has been active in the day trading & investing arena as an independent professional trader since 2003. Prior to becoming an independent professional trader she had worked in Europe in investment banking for 10+ years.


She trades: Stocks, ETF’s, Futures and Cryptocurrencies. Over the years she has designed and created a simple, unique, highly successful and easy to follow trading system based on price support and resistance levels, coordinated with trigger times, specific price zones, time frame alignment, chart synchronicity and a proprietary set of rules that enable her and her traders to be very selective, patient and find high odds trades with ease and laser sharp precision. She has translated complicated technical analysis patterns into simple understandable applicable methodology that help traders fast track their trading.

Anka Metcalf is the Founder and CEO of TradeOutLoud.com, division of Synergistic Financial Solution LLC an international Trading Education, Service Firm specialized in educating individuals how to day trade and actively invest in the Equity and the Futures Markets.

info@TradeOutLoud.com  Twitter: TradeOutLoud    Facebook: TradeOutLoud

Latoya Smith-Dean

Latoya Smith-Dean has 11 years of trading experience in the stocks and futures market. In 2012 during her first pregnancy she then transitioned into a full time day trader.  Latoya was able to produce six figures after her second year day trading with her daughters right by her side. After developing a sound strategy with high favorable results, Latoya then formed tradesandtikes.com to mentor and motivate women and beginner traders. With passion, discipline and the right mentor, Latoya believes anyone can achieve consistency and profitability when trading.

LMS@tradesandtikes.com  Instagram: Tradesandtikes     Youtube: TradesAndTikes    Facebook: Latoya M Trading


Alice Meade

Alice Meade spent many years in the IT industry as a software designer.  She has always been an active investor.  This last year, she has become a full-time stock trader while spending a year in Paris.  She credits Trade Ideas software for the success she has achieved this year. She is will be sharing some of her winning strategies.

Billy Ray Wilson

Billy Ray Wilson, an Ohio native, now based out of Houston, TX started his trading journey in 2014. His curiosity in the stock market began during the Ebola epidemic. During this period he was working as a travel nurse and experienced the epidemic first hand. However, what he recognized was not just the fear in people but also an opportunity in the stock market. He realized that several penny stocks with any Ebola related news would jump 100%+. He then manually crunched numbers on a compound daily basis and soon discovered a ‘gold mine.’ After several long hours of studying, paper-trading and online videos he developed his own trading system. Soon he found himself dumping his nursing coat and sticking to the trading desk. His trading system helped him not only become a consistent trader but also lead him to the biggest win of his career on April 2017 – Ironically on the one year anniversary of becoming a full time trader. Most importantly, he didn’t embark on this journey without leaving cookie crumbles behind, you can find his journal laying out his Marathon 2 a Million journey. He now trades full time out of Houston and mentors’ a family group, but most importantly he has the freedom to spend time with his daughter any day that he likes.

Sean McLaughlin

Sean began trading stocks in 1998 just as internet stocks were beginning to take the NASDAQ on it’s last parabolic run to finish off the dot.com Bull Market. The years 1999-2001 were some of the most profitable years for active stock day traders of all time — and for Sean personally. He has since spent the ensuing 17 years or so UN-learning all of the bad habits that were learned (but rewarded) during that time. These days, he primarily trades index options with the occasional stock swing trade mixed in.


Sean is a former Member of the Chicago Board of Trade, ran a small commodities hedge fund, and served for 7 years as the Director of Community for StockTwits. Now he resides near Boulder, Colorado and is engaged in Sales & Training for Trade Ideas, LLC — an indispensable tool for active market participants.

Twitter: @chicagosean      StockTwits: @chicagosean      Medium: @chicagosean    LinkedIn: Sean McLaughlin

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