2019 Speakers

Jane Gallina aka Airplane Jane

Throughout Jane’s trading journey she has tried to share here point of view of the process along the way. It first began with her blog  and then a YouTube Channel  and followed up with the book she wished was out there when she started trading as a stay at home mom of a 6 month old little girl.

She is happy to help inspire, encourage and empower others through her experience to learn to trade or improve on their own trading. The Modern Traders Summit is the next step for her to help individuals in person. The trading world can be lonely behing the computer and it is very inspiring to meet and speak with other seasoned traders who are also passionate about the profession.

Twitter: @jane_yul     Instagram: missairplanejane    Facebook: SugarAirplaneJane     LinkedIn: Jane Gallina

Jerremy Alexander Newsome

Jerremy Alexander Newsome is the CEO and co-founder of www.RealLifeTrading.com. He has one of the fastest growing audiences and websites on the internet and attacks the markets with an energy, exuberance, and humor that is truly refreshing. He has been professionally trading the stock market since he was 21 years old. Jerremy specializes in candlesticks, gaps,  day trading options and swing trading.

Twitter:Newsome Nuggets  Stocktwits : Newsome Nuggets    Youtube: Real Life Trading

Tracy Shuchart

Tracy started her career at the Chicago Board of Trade as a futures broker specializing in options and managed futures over 12 years ago. Soon after she moved to the trade floor where she managed an institutional trade desk, working with some of the top Investment Banks (Goldman, JPM, Soc Gen), Hedge Funds (SAC, D.E.SHAW), as well as energy OTC markets via CME Clearport.

She now is an independent trader specializing in the energy markets. Recurring guest interviews featured on RealVison, MacroVoices, CME Futures Now, and Benzinga Pre-Market Prep .

Tracy is a graduate from University of Southern California with degrees in Political Science and International Relations with an emphasis on the Middle East.

Twitter:@Chigirl             Website:  http://chigrl.com

Andrew Aziz

n 2009, Andrew moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to earn his PhD in chemical engineering. After university, he spent several years working in various research scientist positions in the clean tech industry. After being let go from one particular position, he decided to focus his energy on the financial industry and trading markets. With drive and determination, Andrew started studying the stock market. Everyone, including himself, was doubtful. How can someone sitting at home, in front of their computer, beat Wall Street at its own game? Andrew persevered though. He did not listen to his own fears and the doubts of others.

In 2015, he published his first book, How to Day Trade for a Living, a simple, concise and practical book written for everyone. Later, in 2016, he started Bear Bull Traders Community (formerly Vancouver-Traders) as a place for serious traders to share their knowledge and expertise with others traders around the world.

Twitter :  @BearBullTraders         Youtube: Andrew Aziz                    Website:www.BearBullTraders.com

Mandi Pour Rafsendjani

via LIVE STREAM from Australia

Mandi has been coaching since 2006 and began her career as a trader almost 20 years ago. She is obsessed with helping traders to live their dream of full time trading. How she does this looks different with every trader – she coaches traders on refining their methodology, she helps traders overcome self-sabotaging behaviour with building confidence through self-worth, resilience and stress management. One important learning she has had on her journey is that everybody knows what to do, but doing what you know in the heat of the moment is what most traders struggle with.

This focus on self-transformation is essential for any trader in order to take their trading to the first five figure months.

Twitter: @MPX_Trader      Website:  www.tradingpsychology.com.au   Facebook: @ Trading Psychology Behavioural Finance   LinkedIn: Mandi Rafsendjani Youtube: Mandi – MPX_Trader

Sean McLaughlin

    Sean began trading stocks in 1998 just as internet stocks were beginning to take the NASDAQ on it’s last parabolic run to finish off the dot.com Bull Market. The years 1999-2001 were some of the most profitable years for active stock day traders of all time — and for Sean personally. He has since spent the ensuing 17 years or so UN-learning all of the bad habits that were learned (but rewarded) during that time. These days, he primarily trades index options with the occasional stock swing trade mixed in.

Sean is a former Member of the Chicago Board of Trade, ran a small commodities hedge fund, and served for 7 years as the Director of Community for StockTwits. Now he resides near Boulder, Colorado and is engaged in Sales & Training for Trade Ideas, LLC — an indispensable tool for active market participants.   

Twitter: @chicagosean      StockTwits: @chicagosean      Medium: @chicagosean    LinkedIn: Sean McLaughlin

Marina “The Trader Chick” Villatoro

Marina started her trading journey on her 40th birthday, 7 years ago, when she jumped in with both feet and started trading ES minis (Futures Market) and hasn’t looked back. The journey wasn’t easy and after her breakdown and losing her entire account in a matter of minutes 6 years ago, she had a massive breakthrough that what she was being taught and what she was looking for was way too complex. And realized day trading isn’t complicated, it’s actually simple.

It’s all about the basics and simplifying your strategy. Once you focus on simplicity and not going for the huge targets, but more on building confidence by hitting your smaller price targets, you build emotional capital, which leads to building financial gains.

Twitter:@MarinaVillatoro    Instagram: daytrading4beginners  Website : The Trader Chick    LinkedIn: Marina Kuperman Villatoro

Houston Truong

Houston Truong is a full-time independent North American equities, options, and cryptocurrency trader and has been trading for the past for 12 years.

He is the founder of “The Trading Edge” Blog where he blogs, podcasts, and coaches traders around the intersection between trading, peak performance, and psychology.
He is also the founder of the Montreal Traders Meetup group.

Twitter:@RealTradingEdge   Youtube: The Trading Edge  Blog Website : The Trading Edge    Meetup: Montreal Traders

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